Main Features
  • TWS – True wireless Bluetooth 4.2 technology. The two earphones connect wirelessly between them and then they connect to the smartphone. Once paired, the earphones will connect automaticaly everytime to it.
  • High quality sound and intelligent technology for noise reduction.
  • Bluetooth V4.2 + EDR delivers quality wireless connection.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Set with chargeable case. Protects and charges the earphones, when they are not in use. With the case’s built-in battery you can recharge the earphones several times.
  • Built-in microphone to use the earphones as a Handsfree device.
  • Multifunctional button for receive/reject incomming calls, redial last number dialed, pause/play songs and receive/reject incomming calls.
  • LED indicators on the earphones and on the case.
Bluetooth: Bluetooth V4.2+EDR
Bandwidth: 2.405-2.480 GHz
Range: 10-15 m.
Earphones built-in battery: 55 mAh
Case built-in battery: 400 mAh
Full charge time of the earphones: ~1 h.
Оperation time music/calls: 2-3 h. / 3-4 h.
  • USB charging cable
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