Main features
  • Can connect with mixer and Karaoke amplifier, use the ultra long distance cable with 6.35 mm jack.
  • Dual channel receiver, totally 8 frequency group.
  • Maximum using distance in open place: 70-100m, complex environment using distance 50-80m.
  • Use anti-jamming sound filter, fully eliminate the interference signal.
  • Output digital volume control, high fidelity audio output, wide power supply range (9V-12V).
  • Selected excellent chip and hugh quality components, make high quality clear sound.
  • Using low voltage design, battery low voltage can still work normally.
  • Using special ALC circuit, don’t worry about the volume is too large and distotion.
  • Using the audio compression – enxtension technique, reduce noice, dynamic range increase.
  • Built-in battery management module circuit, protect battery from damage.
Frequency Range 170-240.9 MHz
Deviation: ±40KHz
Stability: ±0.005%
Sensitivity: >100dB
Distortion: <0.5% (1kHz)
Frequency Response: 50Hz – 18KHz ±3dB
modulation Mode: FM
Frequency Output: 770mV
Power supply (receiver): 9V-15V
Comsumption (receiver): 5W
Power supply (microphone): Batteries 2xAA 1.5V
Transmitting power (microphone): 10mW
  • 2 x Wireless microphones
  • 1 x Power supplier
  • 4 x Batteries AA for microphones
  • 1 x Audio cable
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