Main features
  • Power inverter from 11-15V DC to 220V AC, designed to work with all major brands of laptops, TVs, media players, video cameras and other digital devices with a power of no more than 150W. Besides a standard plug, the converter is also equipped with 2 pcs. USB port.
  • The DIVA CPI-150 Power inverter can not be used with DC24V (truck) DCF-powered car lighters.
Input voltage: 11-15V DC
Rated output power: 150W
Maximum output power: 180W
Output voltage and frequency: 220V/50Hz
Output voltage through USB ports: DC 5V/3.1A rated current
Indicator: Two-color LED (Green light/On, Red light/Off)
Protections: Short circuit, Overload, Overtemperature, Battery low voltage, High voltage battery protection
Switch off at high voltage: DC 15V-16V
Switch off at low voltage: DC 10V-10.5V


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