Main Features
  • Sony Exmor Sensor – ISO Sensitivity Up to ISO 3200
  • Video recording in Full HD 1080p
  • High Speed External GPS Receiver
  • Specially developed free DOD GPS Player V2.0 software
  • Supports the latest generation of video technology on a wide dynamic range
  • 3DNR technology for digital noise suppression of low-light recording
  • Wide-angle wide-aperture glass lenses f1.8 providing 140 ° viewing angle
  • Large 2.7 “display – View your recordings directly on the video recorder
  • Sensitive G-sensor
  • Automatically turn the device on and off
  • Recording mode – Loop Recording
  • Analysis of each trip
  • Possibility of manually locking the files
Sony Exmor Sensor, supports light sensitivity up to ISO3200

With SONY Exmor sensor, light sensing capability of ISO 3200, capture night videos just as clear as day time.

1080p FULL HD Video Recording

Whether you travel by day or night, the IS420W will record everything that’s going on in the road with excellent quality.

High speed external GPS receiver

Record your driving speed and location accurately. Visualize your route on a map with DOD Player (free software).

Free DOD GPS Player V2.0 software

Allows you to view your records with accurate GPS coordinates and speed.

Latest generation WDR technology

Maintaining WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology ensures optimum exposure under all conditions. This is a key condition for brighter and more detailed recordings in the dark of the day.

3DNR technology for noise suppression

Supported Digital Noise Reduction 3DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology ensures high quality recordings, especially in low light conditions.

140º Wide View Angle

Wide-angle lenses provide a 140 degree viewing angle without distorting the picture

Large lens aperture glasses f1.8

The larger aperture ensures better camera performance in low ambient light.

6 layers of glass lenses

Provide impressive image sharpness and prevent distortion.

2.7” 16:9 Widescreen Display

View your video recordings directly on the video recorder. The wide-angle display has a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Sensitive G-Sensor

If an accident occurs, the recorded file will be locked and the video recorder will not record other videos on it.

Automatic on / off

When the engine is ignited, the device will only turn on and start recording. With the engine is off, the video recorder will automatically shut down.

Loop Recording

When the inserted memory card is full, the video recorder will continue to record on the oldest files that are not locked.

Road analysis

It calculates the distance traveled, the time it takes to travel, and the average speed. Helps you save time and optimize your costs.

Manually lock files

You can lock every record manually at any time with the touch of one button.

Video resolution: 1920×1080@30fps
Sensor: SONY Exmor CMOS sensor
Lens: Wide-angle 140°
Aperture: f/1.8
ISO sensitivity: up to ISO3200
Display: 2.7″ 16:9 TFT LCD
Video format: H.264 MOV
Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker
Memory card slot: Micro SDHC (Up to 32GB)
Battery: 3.7V 140mAh Lithium-ion
Power supply: 5V 1A
Dimensions: 85.5 x 46 x 39.5 mm
Weight: 65 g
Operating temperature: -20°C ~65°C
  • 1 x External GPS Module
  • 1 x Mounting stand
  • 1 x Charger
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