Main features
  • 300A starter and 600A peak current guarantee trouble-free ignition of most gasoline and diesel engines.
  • The device can also be used to charge a wide range of smart devices via the 2xUSB port (2.1A). A USB cable with chargers for different smartphone models is included.
  • Included 8-pin cable for charging notebooks.
  • Built-in LED flashing light with several modes of operation, including emergency mode, in which the LED light flashes.
  • The sturdy housing made of impact-resistant materials makes the device perfect for outdoor use.
  • The built-in battery has capacity of 9800 mAh. This allows the device to be used more than once with just one charge.
  • The device can be charged both at home, connected to the mains and in the car connected to the car lighter.
  • LED display.
  • Power clips – Integrated Smart Chip provides protection from:
    – Overheating
    – A short circuit
    – Poles change
    – Full discharge of the battery
    The smart module has LED indicators that show the status of the battery and battery connection.
Output: Jump Starter: 12V
USB: 5V (2.1A)
DC Output: 12/16/19V (3.5A)
Input: DC 5V (1A)
Battery capacity: 9800mAh
Starting current: 300A
Peak current: 600A
Charging time: 3~4 h.
Battery cycle: ~1000 cycles
Dimensions: 158 x 75 x 31 mm
  • Power clips
  • 4-pin USB cable for charging smartphones
  • 8-pin cable for charging laptops
  • Adapter for charging the battery at home
  • Adapter for charging the battery from the car lighter
  • Case in which you can store the battery and all accessories
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