Main features
  • Sapphire-treated tempered glass edge. Sapphire treatment prevents chips on the edge of the screen protector.
  • Shatter resistant. Durable 9H hardness glass protects your screen from impact and resists shattering.
  • Superior scratch resistance. Premium high-temperature treated glass resists scratches.
  • Smudge repelling. Fingerprint and dirt-resistant finish prevents marks and smudges.
  • Precision design. ShieldView Glass fits your phone screen precisely.
  • No interference. Screen protector doesn’t affect the touch sensitivity of the screen, so you won’t even notice it’s there.
  • Anti-glare. Low-reflection design reduces glare.
Product range
  • ShieldView Glass Pro for iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7 Plus
  • ShieldView Glass Pro for iPhone X
  • ShieldView Glass Pro for iPhone 8/iPhone 7/iPhone 6S/iPhone 6