Meet with Powerman® - The smart interactive robot with which you can learn and have fun
  • Manage the robot movement in all directions through the remote control.
  • Have fun with the launching EVA foam disks – Choose your target, turn Powerman® to it, and by pressing a button on the remote he will launch several discs.
  • Powerman® likes to have fun dancing or playing melodies.
  • He is also your assistant in learning. Use the Quiz function and answer the funny riddles of Powerman®.
  • Powerman® will also tell you about 10 of Aesop’s most popular fables and a few funny anecdotes.
  • Save your voice and Powerman® will repeat what you say with his robotic voice.
  • Impressive lighting and sound effects!
Perfect for kids 4-7 years
  • Learn and have fun with Powerman®, the new friend of all children.
  • Powerman® is a fully interactive toy that speaks and includes rich content, sound and light effects. He can tell stories and anecdotes, play melodies, dance, and offer a host of other fun features to find out on his own.
  • It is equipped with a remote control so you can control it easily as you wish: move it forward or backward, left or right, turn its head. Powerman® can move in all directions.
Your faithful friend in lessons

Powerman® will give you riddles in a fun way. Learn more about numbers, animals, words, and other interesting things from the surrounding world …

  • How many wings does a dragonfly have?
  • How many letters are there in the word “horse”?
  • How much is three plus five minus seven?
  • Two dolphins, four sharks, and one whale swim in the sea. How many mammals swim in the sea?

Press a button to answer. Powerman® will tell you if you’ve responded correctly or will encourage you to try again.

Learn the fables of Aesop!

Powerman® will tell you 10 of the most popular Aesop Fables, such as “Belling the Cat”, “The Fox and the Grapes” and “The Lion and the Mouse”.

Dance with me!

Powerman® plays 12 different melodies and performs 2 different choreographies. With built-in 2 speakers and light effects, it will impress your friends.

I will repeat everything you say!

Press the Save & Play button and Powerman® will repeat your words with his robotic, funny voice.

I shoot foam discs!

One of Powerman’s most impressive skills is its ability to launch EVA soft foam discs. Point it to your target and shoot! The set includes 9 discs.

The set includes
  • Powerman® Smart Educational Robot
  • Remote control
  • User manual in Bulgarian
  • 9 soft foam discs EVA

* Requires: 5xLR6 / AA batteries for the robot (not included) + 2xLR6 / AA batteries for the remote control (not included).

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