Main features
  • Turn your phone into a virtual reality viewer with Diva VR-P2016HP headset and enjoy incredible visual feeling.
  • The VR headset makes it easier to dive into the world of VR. Just download VR apps on your smartphone, put your smartphone in the VR headset, and then you can watch 3D video & movies and play virtual reality games.
  • Includes adjustable stereo headphones for immersive audio.
  • Sound control button.
  • The included Bluetooth remote control can be used to navigate the phone menu and launch applications without having to remove the glasses from your head. With the remote, you can also manage built-in functions that most new applications have.
  • The front panel of the glasses is transparent, allowing them to be used with AR applications.
  • Adjustable headband to ensure comfort.
Lenses: Aspheric biconvex
Field of view: 120°
Weight: 410 g.
Compatibility: Smartphones with screen size of 3.5″ to 6″
  • Bluetooth remote control

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