Main features
  • Compatible with all PMR 446 MHz radio stations
  • Compact design and wide range of action – up to 10 km.
  • 8 Channels – Easy Channel Selection via the buttons on the front panel.
  • Supports 38 CTCSS sound codes and 83 DCS digital codes. In combination with the 8 channels, the total number of possible combinations to create a private communication channel is 968.
  • Voice activation of the broadcast – The radio detects the voice of the user and starts broadcasting without pressing a button. Choice of 5 modes of voice activation sensitivity.
  • Additional reinforced housig with rubberized elements. Resistant to water splashes.
  • Built-in LED flash light at the bottom of the housing.
  • Scanning – scan channel, CTCSS codes, or DCS codes in a channel to detect flow communication.
  • Call notification – Select 5 incoming call ringtones.
  • Notification for incoming call with vibration.
  • Roger beep – Confirmation tone indicates to others it’s clear to talk
  • Button lock – When you activate the function, eliminate the possibility of unwanted channel change at accidental button press.
  • Power saver circuitry – Unique circuit extends battery life when not transmitting or receiving.
  • Automatic silencing caused by a bad connection.
  • LCD display
  • Low battery indicator
  • Charging radio batteries into the radio stations with the included docking station.
  • Belt clip
  • Headset and Microphone Connector – Allows radio stations to be used as Handsfree devices.
RF power broadcasting: 500 mW
Channels: 8 channels
CH1 = 446.00625MHz
CH2 = 446.01875MHz
CH3 = 446.03125MHz
CH4 = 446.04375MHz
CH5 = 446.05625MHz
CH6 = 446.06875MHz
CH7 = 446.08125MHz
CH8 = 446.09375MHz
Power Supply: 3xAAA batteries
Dimensions: 171 x 65.77 x 43.12 mm
Weight: 130.5 g
  • Docking station for charging – 1 pc
  • USB charging cable – 1 pc
  • 6 pcs rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries
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